How to save BIG & calculate your Dream Wedding Budget!

How to save BIG & calculate your Dream Wedding Budget!

How to calculate your Wedding Budget and save BIG at the same time! The probably most asked question of any couples before their wedding is: “How much does a wedding cost?”. Yes, a wedding costs money and it is important to know that upfront and be prepared for the wedding costs. The total amount you spend on your wedding is depending on your priorities and values. This is your very special celebration of love and a good celebration of life and love is so much worth it! Don’t you think?

Planning your own wedding will be a lot of fun and the wedding planning journey itself is already very interesting and rewarding. But anyway, it is very important to think about the amount of money you want and can spend for your wedding day and especially where to spend your precious money so that your wedding celebration is exactly like the vision you have in mind.

The most influencing factors in your wedding budget are the aspects that are the most expensive. Think of your wedding venue costs, the food and drinks you want to serve to your guests and especially how many guests get on your guest list for your special day. Here you will learn how to calculate your dream wedding budget and where you can save a huge amount of money with just some little adaption in your plan.

Why a wedding budget is worth the effort?

You want to be prepared for the nitty gritty of your wedding planning process. And calculating your budget down to several categories is very crucial to have an overview of all the details and get a feeling for the smaller costs that accumulate. Especially to forgo any frustrations and disappointments along the way.

Discuss your priorities and value together and be clear on what is particular important for your both as a couple and where you don’t want to compromise. Above all these are the aspects of your wedding you want to spend your money on and cut down in other areas if necessary.

A wedding budget spreadsheet helps you to keep the overview, define your percentages of costs in different categories and track your expenses while planning for your dream wedding!

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What is a realistic Wedding Budget?

That indeed is depending on your priorities and values. Nevertheless, there are some insights for average costs of a wedding in Singapore. For a lower scale wedding you want to calculate at least with around S$ 22.000. If you are planning a wedding that is still affordable but a bit more elaborate you calculate with around S$ 40.000. Whereas for a up leveled and luxurious wedding you need to calculate with at least S$ 55.000 up to more than S$ 100.000. Obviously, we can always spend more and particularly when you have countless details in your mind it is difficult to stay within your budget. Nevertheless, keep in mind that over 30% of the couples spend over budget in the end and that’s not a reason to celebrate!

Your guest list dictates your Wedding Budget

You already guessed it the number of guests you invite to your wedding day is the most influencing factor of them all. Obviously, the amount of food and drinks that is served to you and your guests on your wedding day is one of the most expensive parts of your wedding. If you are on a tight budget then it is without a doubt a good idea to shrink down your guest list and decide for a smaller but more intimate and personal celebration.

These means you can spend your freed money for other aspects that are more important to you and your fiancé. Have a discussion and try to specify who you really want to invite to this special moment in your life and decide specifically against people you haven’t seen in years or your relationship wasn’t as rewarding anyway. Finally, it is so important that you celebrate your love with your beloved ones and enjoy your very personal and unique wedding day.

Select your location & venue carefully

Maybe you already have a location in mind? The decision for your wedding venue is definitely one of the most important choices and it comes with a huge influence on your wedding budget. If you want to plan a destination wedding this will have a great impact not only on your budget but also on your guests and their travel ability and willingness. For a destination wedding you want to calculate for more specific and detailed categories in your wedding budget that are not a big issue for a celebration in your home town or country.

Just think about the travel expenses and organizational impact a wedding in your dream location will bring. On the other hand, if an elopement is your dream and priority than it is your absolute right to choose the destination of your dreams and maybe even save due to a much smaller guest list.

Celebrate unconventionally on a week day

You want to have a huge celebration with lots of guests while you are on tight budget? In that case you want to think outside of the box and try to shift your wedding away from the weekend to save money. A celebration on a week day or for lunch instead of dinner will give your much more freedom and you can save BIG. The rates of wedding venues are much cheaper for the less popular days of the week like a Thursday or a Sunday.  

Say NO to Upgrades

That is probably the most difficult part because the wedding industry is full of beautiful things and to celebrate love and life is the best moment to spend all your money on. But keep your vision in mind and realize what your really value. Say NO to upgrades and your bank account will thank you in the end. Use your wedding budget planner and breakdown your costs and stay with it. Only upgrade where your priorities are and update your budget with additional choices.

Create a Music Mix that represents You

You are dreaming of a live band at your wedding celebration? Or a live singer or even a classical string quartet? That is an investment itself, definitely a good one but you can also think about creating a mix that is really representing your taste of music. For example, you could hire classical musicians or a live band for your ceremony and an hour into your reception and then switch to a DJ who is playing the music for your dinner and celebration. Or you are putting together your own playlist with your favourite songs and play this one afterwards. If you go for less hours on your live musician you can definitely save a good amount of your wedding budget.

Get an Expert on your side

There are several reasons why it could be a fabulous choice for you to have an expert on your side who is cheering and supporting your idea and realizing your vision for you. A wedding planner on your side can help you get the right vendors, dive with you into negotiations and always has your best interest at heart. The most important thing for me is to create and realize your dream wedding, keep your planning on track and stay within your calculated wedding budget. You deserve it to enjoy your wedding planning journey and feel like a guest on your own wedding celebration!

I am here for your and I am very excited to be part of your wedding planning journey!

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