Find your Dream Wedding Dress!

Find your Dream Wedding Dress!

Finding your dream wedding dress and be prepared for the first appointment with your preferred bridal studio.

Find your Dream Wedding Dress


Do you love fashion? Is it your passion to dress up? Are you excited about all the details and sparkles? Or you always dreamed of your perfect wedding dress? I totally get you, to find your dream wedding dress is one of the most fun parts of getting married. And definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience to enjoy!


Before you dive head first into your shopping trip I want you to think about a few important points. This makes your life and the selection of your wedding gown so much easier! Be prepared before your hang in the first line to the next bridal shop and get some ideas ready.


Research: collect ideas & form a vision

Are you the one who has a full scratch book of ideas for your wedding dress? The one you started back in college? Then you are definitely a step ahead of us! Otherwise it is perfectly right to start browsing for wedding gowns after your engagement. And I am your biggest supporter, when you do that first off all. It is exciting and it is fun but it also can get very overwhelming. The silhouettes are various, the styles  endless. And the embroideries and embellishment very detail oriented.


Before your head out to your first bridal boutique for an appointment it is wise to browse for your favorite style. Get an idea what wedding dress silhouette would be your preferred one. If you love dresses what is your normal style, do you fall for mermaid shapes, a fairytale ball gown, a modern jumpsuit in white or more a elegant A-Line dress? Maybe you also think about getting a traditional Chinese Kua for your wedding day.


Fabrics of wedding dresses

This image shows different fabrics dream wedding dresses are made of: silk, lace, tulle, chiffon, satin, velvet and more.


Another possibility would be to experiment with different colors or fabrics. Understand the fabrics a wedding dress is made of like sild, chiffon, organza or the details in lace and tulle. Furthermore the details include pearls, sparkles, embroidery or embellishments or even the whole back of a lace tattoo. In addition you may have a favorite designer or while browsing your favorite style you find out that the gowns you are falling for are always from the same boutique or designer.

While in the process of finding my own wedding gown I did a lot of browsing and collected absolutely stunning models of wedding dresses in my Pinterest board, check this out too!


Bridal Boutique: find the ones that suit your style

Today the options to find your dream wedding dress are tremendous. If you are an online shopper, you can also opt in for a home trial of your ordered dresses, or your go to a trunk show, a gown warehouse or what I prefer to suggest is booking an appointment with your favorite bridal studio.


Bridal studios typically have a personal stylist for your appointment who helps you finding the perfect gown for your wedding day. While googling your region for bridal boutiques you find that their description and story will resonate with you and your expectations. Look into their process and promises how they treat you as a future bride and if you get the feeling of being pampered and well respected. I definitely recommend you have a look into the reviews and how former brides-to-be experienced their gown shopping with your favorite bridal studio. When your decision is made and you have a good feeling book an appointment with your preferred bridal studio.


Mostly the bridal studios offer wedding packages where they include several services surrounding your big day. For example these packages include pre-wedding shoots or actual day photography, makeup artists and hairstylists for your wedding day. Have an idea what services you are looking for and check their website and social media profiles to get an insight of their offering. With this you are prepared for a discussion if you find your dream wedding dress in one of the bridal boutiques.


Experience: plan for a whole day

Absolutely plan for an adventure – an one-of-a-kind experience. Reserve a whole day and give yourself time for this important task. You don’t want to feel stressed or hurry through the process to find your dream wedding dress and it is so much fun combined with this happening. So give yourself a day off and grab your besties to a shopping trip of another kind.


Budget: know how much you want or can spend on your wedding dress

Before your just decide on a bridal studio because it looks elegant and beautiful, check their price ranges of dresses and have an idea what you want or can spend on your wedding gown. Do not make an appointment with a designer boutique who sells only dresses way above your budget otherwise you can count on disappointments and frustration before you even started. If you can not find out the price ranges of a particular bridal studio ask them when you call for an appointment and be honest to yourself if the answer is above what your wanted to spend.


Positivity: be open minded for your trial & enjoy it

It is wonderful to have an idea and a vision in your mind for your dream wedding gown. Nevertheless be open to the suggestion of your bridal stylist and never judge a wedding dress by only hanging there. It is true, a wedding gown looks better on you than just on a hanger! She has seen thousands of brides and has a perfect trained eye for personal styles and dresses matching body shapes.


I guess I am not the only one who knows that shopping trips can end up very draining. This one should definitely be fun – go with your best pals, give yourself a lot of time and maybe even go to several different bridal studios. Don’t get stressed, do not decide while emotionally overloaded, enjoy the process and only say “yes to the dress” when you are totally sure that you find yours!


"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful."

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.” — Sophia Loren


Bring: What you need for your first appointment

1. Your Idea Collection

Bring your Pinterest board, your snippets out of bridal magazines of your screenshots on your phone. Have an idea or a vision in mind and share it with your bridal stylist. So she will have an idea what to show you and still can enhance your vision with real master pieces of art.


2. A comfortable & go-to-shopping Outfit

Is it only me or do you also have a typical go-to-shopping outfit? Yes, that’s the one you need for a day at the bridal boutique! You want to wear something you feel absolutely great in it, is comfortable and easy to slip on and off! Talking of the throw on A-line or t-shirt dress you love and some shoed you can slip in and out without the need to re-lace of close straps over and over again.


3. The Wedding Heels

Talking about the comfy shoes you are wearing. Yes, do that but also bring the shoes with you that you plan to wear on your wedding day. If you’re not sure yet, it can’t hurt to bring your closest selection with you and see how they show up with your gown selection. Just make sure to bring a similar style and height of heels you want to wear on your special day.


4. Get your Hair right

Additionally give your hairstyle some thoughts before you head out to your first dress appointment. Are you planning on wearing your hair up? Then go for an up-do or let a friend style your hair for the day. Or just go for your day-to-day up-do. Same procedure for every other hairstyle, you want to wear your hair similarly to what you plan on having during your wedding day.


5. The perfect Undergarments

Last but not least very important to get it right: your undergarments for the dress fitting. You dream wedding gown has a strapless sweetheart neckline? Than definitely bring your strapless bra with you. Another excellent idea is to wear a bra with adjustable straps, so that you can see how it looks like with your wedding dress correctly draped. And don’t forget to wear nice panties, you absolutely don’t want to see the nice back of your dream wedding dress with oldies underpants’ bands drawing underneath!


Support: Who to bring with you

It is crucial to bring a second pair of eyes with you but also don’t bring too many of your entourage to your bridal studio visit. Identify who is supportive and honest with you and who is also able to be fully there for you and boost you up if the first few dresses are not a hit. Keeping this in mind select your closest friend or family member out of your bridal entourage and have a fun day together!


And don’t forget to give them some important tasks for the day. One of your companions should take photos of you in your favorite gowns, especially if you are not deciding for your gown on spot. Take a few pictures in various angles: front and back silhouette, but also from the side, sitting and out of different positions from above and underneath. This helps you not only remember your preferred dresses well but also moving around in these gowns and getting a feeling of them. But keep in mind that you may want to introduce some rules for secrecy – especially for not sharing on social media.


Timing: When to start looking & when to order your wedding gown

Do not start too early and in no case too late! Now you know nothing more than a second ago. Start at least 10 month before your actual day with looking for your perfect wedding dress. Nonetheless do not decide on your favorite dress to early in the process, give yourself time and use the opportunity to try on different styles and visit more than one bridal studio.


You can consider it a good plan to decide for your wedding dress 8 months before your wedding day. At this time you will have enough time to get it delivered, fitted and altered for you. With this you avoid unnecessary stress and frustrations. Also keep in mind that most of the new styles come out two times a year in October and April. Obviously if you prefer a trendy gown this is important. Coming to a decision too early could play against you.


Most important: do NOT forget this

  • Have a vision of your dream wedding dress in mind
  • Collect your ideas and pictures of your favorite style
  • Be open-minded to recommendations of your bridal stylist
  • Have your wedding vibe or theme in mind, so that your dress matches
  • Mind the season & weather of your wedding destination
  • Let your measures be taken from a professional tailor or bridal stylist
  • Get a feeling for your dress: walk, dance, jump around and sit down
  • Say yes to a dress you are really falling for
  • Get the dates for your fittings & alterations settled


Different now: what to consider during Covid-19

Especially during these times it is important that you contact your preferred bridal boutique beforehand to get an appointment. There are absolutely no walk-ins. Keep your entourage small, supportive and honest. Keep in mind that the social distancing measurements probably need your friends to help you dress up. See the upside of your smaller entourage, you get less confused and frustrated because you automatically forgo too many opinions. In the happy occasion you find your dream wedding dress check the delivery times and dates. And get your fittings settled. This is now even more important then ever before. And of course: wearing a mask is currently the norm!

I wish you a wonderful experience and happy wedding gown finding!

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