Hello my Dear, lovely to meet you! I am here to help you, to support you and to create your vision! After more than a decade in the event industry in Switzerland and Europe, I decided to bring my passion to create unique & everlasting memories to Asia. My greatest heart project was when I crafted spectacular money-can’t-buy-events for exclusive high-net-worth-clients. I am proud to say, that I am highly respected for my creativity, attention to details, flair for the unimaginable and my endless enthusiasm by my guests and peers in the industry alike.

“Overcoming obstacles is inherent to producing events and that’s where I thrive. I enjoy finding creative solutions to every new challenge.”

Born and raised in Switzerland, my background is humble, living with a small family in the beautiful eastern valley of the Swiss Alps I had absolutely no crossing with events, restaurants or fine food in my childhood (apart from the best Swiss food in my mum’s kitchen). As a masters graduate in business, I then spent more than 10 years in the busy financial world of Zurich, creating and orchestrating some of the most remarkable events nationally and internationally. After devoting myself to the finest experiences I initiated my own once-in-a-lifetime-experience with a year of traveling.


Fascinated by cultures and traditions around the world, my passion for photography, stunning landscapes, incredible locations and especially exclusive wines & fine food throughout more than 60 countries grew beyond imagination. Together with my love I explored the world and got a glimpse of unlimited possibilities. I am definitely drawn to the beauty of life and passionate about sharing my abundant worldly knowledge by supporting you to fulfill your dreams, crafting events with deep profundity and personality in a modern, spectacular and heartwarming way. Do you want some more personal insights and exciting travel inspirations: @alongway.ch.


Prior to moving to Singapore, it has been my big dream to live and act out of my two favorite places in the world! One part of my heart is deeply Swiss and the other in love with Asia. I am living now in downtown Singapore with my partner fiancé, who is a leading and enthusiastic banker with an established track record in change management in a well-known Swiss institution.

Fun Fact

I have always been fascinated by happily ever after love stories but never ever dreamed of my own wedding! Until very recently when my (now) fiancé went down on his knees and told me that we are ready to deepen our commitment … Now, I am exactly where you are! Happily engaged, in the beginning of my wedding planning journey and finding out what (of all the details I know about weddings) suits us as a couple to tell our very personal love story 👰🏼💕🤵🏻