5 Steps to create your bespoke Wedding Bands

5 Steps to create your bespoke Wedding Bands

Create your bespoke Wedding Bands

Learn how to create your bespoke wedding bands. The jewelry piece that will accompany you from this day on till forever. Then it must be an important decision for you as a couple. With the following 5 most important steps we help you to create your bespoke wedding bands. You will find the right answer to all the related questions. Learn about the different aspects of your wedding rings. And decide step by step what the right choice for you would be.


One little tip from our side, today your rings do not need to match anymore. You can both decide on the ring that matches your style, your sense of aesthetic and fits into your lifestyle. And you can still decide to have the same engravings inside the rings. Or a little detail that matches together. As long as you go for bespoke and custom-made wedding rings especially made for you as a couple the sky is the limit! Have fun and have in mind that this precious piece will stay with you day and night for the rest of your life.


1. Choose your favorite Gold Color

The probably easiest question of them all: your favorite gold color. There are other materials than gold but to be honest this is and will be the most popular material to create your bespoke wedding bands and your can decide out of white, rose and yellow gold.


Look at your jewellery collection, your engagement ring and your personal style. What color suits with your bracelets, necklaces and your earrings? Or maybe you have a go to gold color anyway! If you two do not agree, you can also have different gold colors for you and your groom-to-be.

Choose your Gold Color

2. Decide for your Ring Width

Some like it wide some very thin, this is another choice that depends widely on your preferences. Mostly women go for a slightly or even drastically thinner wedding band then your husband. For women the popular width of the ring is 2mm to 2.5mm and for men it starts with about 4mm and goes up to 7mm. In the end it everything needs to fit to your style you choose and that’s why you are going the perfect way by working with a custom jewellery designer on your custom-made wedding bands. An expert in bespoke wedding bands this area can help you to choose the design and the fitting width as well as the setting of your sparkling accents.

Decide for your Ring Width

3. Explore the different Ring Profiles

This decision is all about comfort. Does your ring sits well on your finger, do you feel comfortable in your daily life and does it accompany you in every activity during your life. The profiles are divided in outside and inside with the unique objective to fit well. On the picture below your can see the difference of the profiles where the inside goes from light comfort-fit with a small rounding to heavy comfort-fit with a well noticeable rounding in the inside of the wedding ring. The last inside profile is scooped where the edges of the ring are extending.


The most popular choices for wedding bands is a half-round outside profile combined with a comfort-fit in the inside! I recommend you to try on some different styles and feel the difference in a shop before you go on to design your custom-made designs and decide for a specific profile!

Explore the different Ring Profiles

4. Select your Ring Finish

For your ring finish you have the choice to opt for polished which is very shiny and reflective. This is a perfect choice if you want to have your ring noticed. It is the most common option for rings and especially for women’s wedding bands. The polished surface need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to keep its beauty alive.


The brush surface of a wedding ring is textured and it looks like as the texture of the ring surface was made with a wire brush. When you look closely you can see the tiny brush-like marks which makes it not easy to see any small scratches on the surface. It is the most popular choice for men’s wedding bands.


The matt surface is similar to the brush finish but smoothly polished. This wedding band finish is also not shiny and without any reflection or texture.

Select your Ring Finish

5. Add sparkling Diamond Accents

The best and most spectacular part of the decisions for your bespoke wedding bands is the sparkling aspect! The choice of diamonds on your wedding rings. For women it is the most popular to create an eternity wedding band either full, 3/4 around the band or only half way set. The Diamonds on the ring can be set in endless variations. There are four popular settings named Channel, Pavé, Bar and Shared Prong.

Add sparkling Diamond Accents

In a channel setting two tracks of gold surround the row of diamonds in the middle of your wedding band and protect the girdle area of your diamonds. The Pavé setting reduces the use of gold and the diamonds have more presence on your wedding ring. Small prongs or beads are used to hold your sparkling gem stones in place. With this settings it seems like your ring is purely out of diamonds with a continuous shiny surface. On a ring with bar setting are small gold bars between your diamonds and protect their sides. Finally the shared prong setting is a combination of channel and bar setting and holds your diamonds with prongs wrapped around the crown of your diamonds. This setting allows the light to stage the brilliance of your diamonds.


For men it is popular to go for a plain band with a matt or polished surface in his preferred gold color. Plain wedding bands for the guys and minimalist eternity rings for the ladies start from S$1200 and go up based on the individual diamond size and total carat weight.

Select your Diamond Setting

Most important for you – frequently asked questions

Start the creation of your wedding bands at least 2 months before your actual wedding ceremony to have enough time to browse Pinterest, go for a window shopping trip or visit some jewellery stores to collect ideas and find your favourite style and settings. After that you proceed with your jewellery designer of your choice to create your bespoke wedding bands. You define all the details and tweak the design. Your wedding bands need around 3 to 4 weeks to be made. You want to give them enough time to arrive in time for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony!


Give the process to create your bespoke wedding bands enough priority and thought so that you avoid the mistakes of deciding to fast or for a too trendy, thematic or impractical design. Have in mind that you want to wear your wedding rings in your daily life with all its activities. So it is a good idea to create a timeless and practical design without any heaviness, thickness or sharp edges on it.


And if you wonder what to do with your engagement ring during your wedding ceremony. We have the right answer for you! There are cultural differences where to wear your wedding or engagement ring but traditionally the wedding ring is worn on the left hand closest to the heart. If you decide to wear the engagement ring paired to your wedding band on the left hand your wear the engagement ring on your right ring finger for the ceremony and switch it to the left hand after your ring exchange ceremony.


Have lots of fun and great experiences to create your bespoke wedding bands!

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Amanda Ang - Founder of August Bespoke

Amanda Ang – Founder of August Bespoke

While Amanda grew up with a passionate gemstone collector as a mam, life initially took her down a different path. She started her career at Goldman Sachs in New York, before venturing into journalism and eventually building startups in the travel and lifestyle space.


After many of her friends started getting engaged she realized that the experience of buying an engagement ring was broken. There are 3 major problems: the stores sell you what they have, not what you want, the options are limited and you don’t know who to trust!


This inspired her to create August Bespoke — a custom jewelry experience centered around you.


Unlike other jewelry stores, she cares about neutral and objective advice so that you can make the smartest and most informed decision with a GIA-certified gemstone expert on your side. Hearing your unique love story allows her to uncover details which can be incorporated in your bespoke piece. And you will experience her proprietary ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Discovery Process where she analyzes your style and lifestyle to create a design that is equal parts stunning and wearable.


And everything is possible, as her team is able to custom cut gemstones and diamonds just for you. You are only limited by your imagination. At August Bespoke, you skip the stressful, cookie-cutter experience of traditional jewelry stores. And you celebrate your story with one-of-a-kind pieces worthy of forever.

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