… to the most amazing journey of your lifetime! My name is Daniela and in my heart I am a problem solver, I love to help you create a spectacular wedding planning journey and celebrate the wedding of your dreams without any worry, stress or fear! I got you and I am looking forward to meet you!

congratulation to this wonderful happening! I am super happy and excited for you to be at this magical point in your life! Now…

… you have big dreams and no idea if your wedding planning works out?

… you have no idea at all and need a good portion of inspiration?

… you know exactly what you want but there is just sooo little time?
… you have an image of your wedding but no clue where to start with your planning?

I got you, I know how you feel, I am here for you. Together we explore the unlimited possibilities, share thoughts and build your dream wedding celebration!


I’m here to help you design the celebration of your dreams!


Are you mastering your wedding planning – or do you struggle with all your tasks & decisions to make?

Join my Wedding Mastermind and get real expert insight & support to ace your wedding planning!


Create Your Story


… one-of-a-kind & a personal experience

… mindful & purposeful creativity

… fulfilling your wildest dreams

… expressing the essence of you

… meaningful & lasting memories

… building your dream team

… handholding, love & compassion

… laughter, tears of joy & Kleenex

… feel like a guest at your celebration

I AM …

… event organiser with heart and soul

… experienced in “once-in-a-lifetime”-events

… highly enthusiastic, engaged & loyal

… hugely adaptable & dynamic

… creating outside of the box

… embracing the unexpected

… making the best out of any situation

… having your best interest in heart

… a life dancer & big dreamer

Wedding Planning Arrangements

Your most amazing celebration lies ahead and your vision of the wedding dream is wonderful! But you don’t know where to start, what to think about. There is no time in your life for all the organization and planning?

I am here for you! Think about realizing your big dream without any hustle, worry or stress. Just the bright sight of this unique journey and the amazing result you already have in mind! Check out our

and let your story come true! Lean back, enjoy the journey and the incredible celebration of
 your love!

You love the idea of creating and realizing your dream wedding? You have an idea and a vision is forming in your mind. But there is just so much nitty and gritty to think about and you don’t know where to start at all?

Imagine you’re creating every detail but don’t have to think about where to start, when to organize the next step, how to plan a budget and get lots of matching vendor recommendations? I got you, check out our

and receive consulting in every aspect of your planning. And not to forget, enjoy your day without any worry or stress!


You want to organize your own dream wedding? You are a planner in your heart and you love to create every little detail, every step is amazing and you’re sure to have your budget under control? This is wonderful!

You are celebrating your day of love with your fiancé, your family and friends! You can either hustle around all day just to ensure that everything runs smoothly… or you can check out our

where you can lean back, receive the acknowledgement for your amazing work and
enjoy your big day without any stress!

Ready to plan your Dream Wedding?

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… only 22 years later on a rainy Sunday afternoon – one husband and a divorce later – Eveline was lingering on Facebook and had a lightning thought about the charming Italian ...
… only 22 years later on a rainy Sunday afternoon – one husband and a divorce later – Eveline was lingering on Facebook and had a lightning thought about the charming Italian ...


She is a 5-star event manager and a great host!

We worked with Daniela for a number of projects including a virtual event for The Swiss Club. She is a 5-star event manager and a great host! She coordinated the event wonderfully with her team and she deployed the right systems to make the planning efficient for everyone. Daniela knows how to keep a great relationship with clients and vendors, we are so happy to have worked with Daniela – she is just a breeze to plan events with! I highly recommend her Create Your Story!

April T.

Extremely conscientious and precise

As context for this review, I am a very picky client that works in the luxury sector. With my perfectionist tendencies, I have always cared a lot about getting the details PERFECT. As such, the vast majority of people I have worked with over the years have usually fallen short in one way or another (most people do things at 70% hoping the result is “good enough”)


However, in my last year of working with Daniela, I can confidently say that she is the kind of person I would trust 100% to get things DONE and get things RIGHT.


Given her experience in bespoke events, she has very good taste (something that is SO rare) and a very keen eye for design, so I never have to worry about her aesthetic choices (which makes a huge difference in events!)


I don’t know if it’s the Swiss genes (sorry totally stereotyping right now) but she is also extremely conscientious and precise about the little things, which is a huge relief because that has meant I never have to double check anything she does.


Recently I enlisted her help to organize a lunch for VIP clients of mine and she did a fabulous job designing the invitation – she made me 4 different initial versions to choose from and then gave me 3 variations after I requested changes! She also thoughtfully created special gift bags for them with really unique items and took the initiative to secure us a special table and organise a Christmas dessert from the restaurant just for us.


All this to say that Daniela is a pleasure to work with even for the most demanding of clients (like me) and she is the rare person I would recommend without hesitation (by the way I literally recommend her to everyone I know who is thinking about intimate/unique events). If you are considering working with her for your wedding, you are in very good hands.

Amanda A.

Assisting me in making the right decisions

I am not much of a planner but thankfully I found Daniela who supported me fantastically along the way just months before the wedding! I was relieved to have an expert on my side to find solutions for the different challenges coming up, streamlining my tasks and assisting me in making the right decisions. Most importantly, she was there on the wedding day itself, wonderfully supporting us from the start till the very end. Thanks again for your professional help, Daniela!

Felicia C.

Swiss Quality like expected

It‘s hard to imagine a better wedding planner than a well travelled Swiss .. i would expect it to run like a fine tuned watch and be creative like a Swiss army knife with dozens of functions ; )

Thomas E.

Great ideas & dedication

The Create your Story Team and especially Daniela is one of the most professional Wedding and Event Planners I´ve ever met. She has great ideas and her dedication to the work will be obvious to everyone that works with her. Everyone who wants to be supported in planning the perfect and tailor-made wedding should contact Daniela and her team.

Claudia E.