Love Stories

LoveStory_Felicia & Marc

Wedding Location: The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
Wedding Date: 12 | 12 | 2020


A covid-style Wedding…


…the plans were different, the outcome exactly right! Postponing was not an option, shrinking the guestlist a must. A day full of highlights followed a period of re-planning, shifting and adapting! Felicia in her most beautiful wedding gown awaiting to walk down the aisle, Marc arriving with his groomsmen in a beautifully flower-decorated Maserati in front of The Fullerton Hotel. And not only he had a spectacular car, also Teddy driving in the rings in his little Ferrari was a highlight itself.


After their personal and intimate vows, a delicious 8-course Chinese lunch was served at Jade in The Fullerton Hotel while the couple included their whole Core Wedding Party into the traditional Tea Ceremony in a private room.


And to fulfill every girls dream a whimsical tower of Croquembouches spoiled the guests for dessert. And also the Yumseng was not allowed the couple did not miss to happily pop the Champagne to fill the tower.


A happy day – where almost everything felt normal – as a start of a blissful and fulfilling marriage – hopefully soon to be followed by a great honeymoon.

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Our wedding was perfect because we also sneaked away to have a little bit of togetherness!

Wedding Location: Isole di Brissago, Switzerland


How their Love Story began:

Love at first sight? Not for them! But it was definitely love at second sight. They met while studying together in the same class and that definitely is the best environment to get to know each other deeply. After the second year they officially enrolled as a couple. From that moment on it was clear who to work with on projects and even the worst assignment was fun!


The Magic of their Proposal Story:

Kilian transformed their home into a romantic haven and was all-in on this unique experience! He prepared her favorite dish, and spoiled her with the most delicious home-made Crème Brûlée ever – who could ever say NO? After this most romantic dinner he fell on his knee and asked the one-and-only question! Everything after that moment is blurry and full of love, they don’t even remember what he actually said!


The Highlight of their Wedding Story:

Their highlight was definitely the location – an outdoor wedding on the gorgeous Isole di Brissago in the sunny state of Switzerland! They will always remember the probably bluest sky ever, the dreamy view over Lago Maggiore and especially the moment of his first look at her. They are endlessly grateful for this beautiful day with friends, family and a wonderful husband, who proofed over and over how deep his love is.


Their Secret to the Perfect Wedding Story:

“Our wedding was perfect because we also sneaked away to have a little bit of togetherness!” With many guests time is flying and the moments for each other are few. They sneaked to the park, sat on a bench, watched the stars and let the feelings and impressions of the day flow. Anyway, a perfect wedding is the one which is personal and not perfect at all, some lapses make it human and even more memorable as you will remember the whole experience and the deepest feelings of love! In that very moment you start your life together!


We love Switzerland and the mountains – but our biggest dream was to celebrate our wedding at a romantic beach destination!

Wedding Location: Mallorca, Spain


How their Love Story began:

Being very involved with their studies and studying almost day and night they needed a little break from time to time. In between their text books they logged in to a, at that time popular, social media website for students and party people. A sneaky nudge here, a thoughtful conversation there and a nervous but very rewarding first date at a student party later, their love story began!


The Magic of their Proposal Story:

All good things come in threes – ah, here in twos! The very romantic idea of getting engaged on the Tour Montparnasse with a magnificent view over the city of love was too much of a surprise! The groom-to-be needed to get on his knee a second time – this time in their natural environment – in the Swiss mountains. On a sunny afternoon, high up on the famous Pilatus, after a strenuous hike with a very different view over the valleys also the answer was different – she said YES!


The Highlight of their Wedding Story:

Their biggest dream was to marry at the beach! Not the smallest challenge living in a country like Switzerland with no ocean at all. The island of Mallorca in Spain was their choice and this island, in combination with their beloved ones attending this beautiful beach ceremony, were absolutely amazing. They had the chance to experience the most romantic sunset ceremony and a hilarious wedding party afterwards!


Their Secret to the Perfect Wedding Story:

Most important: This is your day – never freak out due to wishes or expectations of your guests. For them it was absolutely crucial to celebrate their very personal and unique wedding. One of their secrets was to invite not every uncle or aunt they haven’t met in years but the latest girlfriend of her brother – always listen to your gut feelings.


For our love Claudio even left his home country and family to live with me!

Wedding Location: Trentino, Italy


How their Love Story began:

Their magical first moment was back in 1988 when Eveline was only 18 and traveled to Rom in Italy. One night she met this handsome Italian, his pitch-black hair and lovely dimpled chin enchanted her from the first moment! After sadly returning to Switzerland with back then no internet, email and WhatsApp they lost track and contact. Only 22 years later on a rainy Sunday afternoon – one husband and a divorce later – Eveline was lingering on Facebook and had a lightning thought about the charming Italian. A few nervous clicks later she indeed found him and clicked on the friendship button! Claudio did respond, but only general with no sign of recognizing her. After a little reminder to refresh his memory, their chats started to become longer and longer and night after night they connected on Facebook and via Skype – what a bliss to have it these days. Not only that they understood each other blindly and immediately knew that they had fallen in love, they also shared a divorced past! 3 months later he came to Switzerland for the first time and they never ever stopped seeing and loving each other since!


The Magic of their Proposal Story:

Their love story couldn’t be more romantic! Not one single moment can top all of their lively emotions of finding each other after such a long time and finally find a way to let their love bloom! The proposal was the contrary and inappropriately unspectacular but as harmonic as everything else in their relationship. A mutual decision on a cozy Sunday evening over a glass of delicious Italian wine!


The Highlight of their Wedding Story:

One Highlight? It was a string of wonderful and unforgettable moments. The spectacular mountain panorama of the Dolomite’s has been their beloved place for a long time and so it was the perfect location for an intimate wedding! Beloved friends and family were joining, a surprise carriage for the newlyweds, a charming Labrador bearing the rings to the altar and a rustic celebration on top of the mountains in one of these typical chalets – what a bliss! One special moment of their big day was definitely the afternoon spent by all guests in bathing suits & robes in the hotel spa!


Their Secret to the Perfect Wedding Story:

Enjoy your day and don’t worry! It is your day and don’t hustle for the wishes and needs of friends and family – stay calm, enjoy the wedding planning journey and never forget that it is about your celebration of your love! As experienced the two already have been with weddings, they knew exactly what they wanted and what not – the wedding couldn’t have been more intimate and exclusive with only the most precious guests!